Snow Plowing Scope of Work for the ALD Lebanon Roads

The ALD has about 2 ½ miles of dirt roads located in Lebanon and is looking for proposals based on the following criteria:

Contract - Amston Lake District Snow Plowing and Sanding Service Agreement

Map - Amston Lake Distrcit Map of Private Lebanon Roads

Note: The roads on the map in brown color are the roads for consideration unless otherwise noted.


Roads to be plowed:

  1. Kelly’s Corner
  2. Manion Lane
  3. Ryan Terrace – unpaved section only
  4. Ledge Road
  5. Beech Road
  6. Woodland Street Extension
    1. Excludes Woodland Drive
    2. Excludes West Woodland Drive
  7. Island Beach Road
    1. Excludes West Island Beach Road
  8. Catherine Road
  9. Louise Road
  10. Andrews Road
  11. Scanlon Terrace
  12. Wild Wood Road
  13. Park Road
  14. Cove Road
  15. Bush Road


The following roads are under the care of the Town of Lebanon and are not to be plowed under this contract:

  1. Deepwood Drive
  2. Woodland Drive
  3. West Woodland Drive
  4. Ryan Terrace – paved section
  5. West Island Beach Road
  6. Lakeview Heights
  7. Sunset Road


The plowing season starts on October 1 and ends on April 30. Contract will be forwarded upon receipt of interest.


Any questions please contact:

Allison Stec

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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