Pass Information

Lake Pass Information – please see inset below for 2021 update

Beach, auto and boat passes are normally handed out for free at the clubhouse on several dates from late May through late June. For 2021 the process has been updated. Please read the green box on the right side of this page for the most current information. Please bring proof of identity, such as a license, and proof of residency, such as a current tax bill, if the District is not your primary residence. You must either be a property owner, or rent a property within the District and have written permission to obtain passes on the property owner’s behalf. Auto and beach passes are limited to 2 passes per property. Please help our security efforts by having your beach pass with you and your auto pass displayed whenever visiting a beach or ROW. 

Important 2021 Pass Information

Due to the coronavirus, the ALD will not be distributing new lake passes this spring. The black passes expiring 6/30/20 will still be valid through 6/30/22 . If you are new to the District and need passes, or have a new boat that you need a sticker for, or for any other pass-related issues, please fill out the registration form and contact ALD board member Todd LaMontagne at

Note: If you had a boat that was removed by our contractor from a beach or right of way after the November 1 removal deadline and have not paid your fine, please contact the BOD prior to coming to get your passes. The board voted to suspend your ability to obtain a pass if you have any outstanding fines. The fines are nominal – however, if not paid it may affect your ability to obtain a pass for this coming season. We want you to enjoy the lake from the start so please be sure to reach out to a board member immediately if you had a boat removed and have not yet paid the fine.

If you miss these pick-up dates, have recently moved to the District, or want passes mailed to you, please fill out and return the Registration Form along with a $5.00 check to cover additional mailing and handling fees. Make $5.00 check payable to “Amston Lake District”. Please fill in applicable information to include details about any boat needing a boat pass.

Mail-in-process begins July 1st.
Send registration form and check to:
ALD – Passes
P.O. Box 95
Amston, CT. 06231
If you have any questions please contact BOD memberĀ Todd LaMontagne.