The Amston Lake District (ALD) regular Board of Directors (BOD) meetings are generally held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at 7 pm. At times, especially during November and December, the dates are changed in order to accommodate the holidays, and might be on the 2nd Wednesday. Please check the schedule for the list of approved meeting dates. Monthly meetings are held at the Amston Lake Association (ALA) clubhouse, 16 Wood Acres Drive, Hebron. (Meeting schedule 2021) Please note that meetings are being held via Zoom until further notice. Please check the monthly agendas for sign-in information.
Visitor Statements:  If you are a resident and want to make a statement, please check the meeting agenda on the website. Meetings start promptly at 7. Please arrive in plenty of time for agenda item “Guests, Residents, etc.”  Afterwards, only Board of Directors issues are addressed.
Special Meetings are sometimes arranged to address a special issue such as the purchase of a piece of property, passing of a new ordinance or addressing a unique problem.

The Annual District Budget meeting is held in May.


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Meeting Agendas & Minutes